The legal situation in Turkey prohibits critique of the military under treason, thus the identity of the protagonists that still live in Turkey had to be protected. Instead of filming talking heads, we filmed intimate details such as hands, feet and the body language during our interviews so as to give the spectators a way of connecting emotionally to the protagonists. The fair-well ceremonies for the soldiers on their way to the army form the framework of our narrative: young soldiers are sent of to armed service with trumpet blasts, fire, flags and chants. Amongst euphoric singers and crying mothers, they embark on their journey, off to war in air-conditioned travel buses.

In contrast to the perceived image of manhood, this film's style is gentle and sensitive due to the topic. It focuses on the protagonists and their stories. Their surroundings are brought to life with mood setting images of the city as well as the interview locations that they chose. These places in which the unspoken is finally uttered become very meaningful in this film. From the opposition of inner and outer – isolated conversations and crowded mobs – the oppressive atmosphere of a life in hiding comes to the surface.

Çürük – The Pink Report is a very heartfelt film, which takes an open moral stance without preaching. Along with their shared fate, all of the protagonists share the attitude that they are not victims. Despite their many traumatizing experiences, they try to live normal lives – some in Turkey, others abroad where they see a better chance to lead a self-determined life. Yet others try to adapt and blend in.