Istanbul's gay scene is one of the most vibrant and flamboyant in Europe. Transsexual show stars are celebrated and accepted by the vast majority and throughout the social spectrum. Yet, their own families and neighbors do not tolerate gays. Like nearly everywhere else in the world, Turkish men that come of age are called to serve in the armed forces. The military considers homosexuality to be a »psychosexual disorder« that exempts one from service.

A homosexual man may, therefore, file for exemption during his physical examination and allow himself to be examined in the military hospital. If recruit's psychiatrist diagnoses him with a »psychosexual disorder« on the basis of his homosexuality, the recruit will receive an exemption. Military physicians attempt to determine an applicant's sexuality with the help of a MMPI personality test, but when the test is inconclusive, the doctors are required to use other methods. Either an anal examination is called for or the applicant must submit pornographic images of himself engaged in a homosexual act. The photographic evidence is specified as having to show passive anal intercourse. The applicant's face must also be clearly recognizable. In fact, »gay« is synonymous with the passive sexual act, the active partner, on the other hand, is still considered to be heterosexual. A recruit exempted from military service receives his »Çürük- Report« with exemption due to the psychosexual disability, homosexuality.